My name is Alise.  I lived in Hawassa, Ethiopia for a year and wrote about it.  Now I’m living in Berlin, Germany and writing about it.

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  1. Hi Alise!!! I have really enjoyed reading about your adventures, especially as our adventure approaches. I would love to chronicle our time in Ecuador… what do you think of WordPress? Easy to use? Look forward to reading more about you and the family!

    • Ily, Looking forward to reading about life in Ecuador! WordPress was recommended to me by several people. I’m a total Luddite so a lot of the fancy technical stuff I could potentially do is beyond me. If you choose a simple template, you should be fine. But yeah, in answer to your question, I’m fairly pleased with the platform. Let me know when you get there and you are bloggin’ it up.

  2. Hi Alise, I just had the best time reading your adventures and viewing the photos. You are a great writer by the way. The children are beautiful. The “Full Gospel Jerry Rigger Tabernacle”, complete with Pentecost sermons from afar, seems to be shaping up from the pictures posted. I have to hand it to you, the hot water situation is a little worrisome on the electrical shock factor. Not sure I would be willing to risk it myself.
    The Calder mobile was quite nice. Good job. I will be heading to the Presby. thrift store tomorrow. I will keep you all in mind. A care package is a great idea. We loved your Christmas Card , it is posted in the mail room. Happy New Year! Gale Nicholson

    • Gale, thanks for you nice comment. I’ve discovered the second hand shops here! Fun used clothing from the Middle East. There’s been a frenzy of activity at the church with Ethiopian Christmas this past week. It deserves a blog post all it’s own.

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  3. Hi Alise! I only learned last night that you have a blog (thanks to book group gals). I’ve only skimmed your posts at this point, but I’m looking forward to catching up on what you’ve written and to hearing lots more when you return, soon! BTW, they use the same brand of electric shower heads in Brazil….great idea, mixing water and electricity, no? I hate those things. As for those who suffer the most from climate change being the first to feel its effects, maybe you could come talk to my globalization class next spring.
    Hugs from Norman,

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