The family and I are in Oregon for the next two months.  This is the second summer we have escaped the Oklahoma heat to visit our families and friends in our home state. While I’m trying to live in the moment, Ethiopia is always in the back of my mind.  I’m currently on my second dose of Vivotif (typhoid oral vaccine).  Its just a friendly little reminder of where I’m headed in a few short months.  But for now, I’m just enjoying Oregon summer.  Eating my weight in berries, afternoon naps, long mornings spent on the beach getting sand in my hair.  I’m realizing I packed way too many clothes.  I forgot how easy it is to fall into the rhythm of traveling, wearing the same pants every day and not really caring.  It will be good to pare things down and figure out the bare essentials to bring with us to Hawassa.  Dan and I are meeting with a couple who lived in Hawassa a couple of years ago, also on a Fulbright.  Hopefully they will help shed light on this great mystery…what should I bring to Ethiopia?  How many pairs of pants does one really need anyway?  On that deep note, I will sign off on this:  my very first blog post!